Renovation and Cleaning Go Hand In Hand

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So your home just got one of its vital parts – the kitchen – renovated. Or you might be just about to get one. Your mind buzzes with ideas and layouts, or it revels in the joy of having a new space and toys to play with. Then you realise one practicality calls for attention before everything else.


You need to clean the place. If you’re looking for other cleaning advice, check out our home page later!


If you are cleaning before a renovation, there are a few things to keep in mind.


First, you want to keep an eye out for anything you don’t want to be damaged or thrown out. We use the kitchen so much that a lot of it gets taken for granted. Clean out things like plates and knives.


These small items will be stored elsewhere until the work ends. Otherwise, you run the risk of them getting damaged or broken. The crew might also throw them out as they remove the debris that piles up as they do their work.


If you can move something like a chair or table out of the way, move it.


You will want to do your best to remove all moulding on the walls. Most renovation companies will do this too, but it may cost extra depending on who you hire.


Remember to vacuum! This applies both before and after the renovation. If your floor is carpeted, do it twice – though I do wonder who carpets their kitchen. If your floor is not covered, follow up with a mopping.


Once again, we remind you to vacuum thoroughly.


After the renovation, be sure to do your cleaning. This gives you a chance to return any removed items and to inspect for flaws or anything the crew might have left behind.


Listen to any cleaning instructions the team might have left. Some materials shouldn’t be exposed to harsh cleansers or chemicals, for example. Failure to listen to this stuff could lead to a wasted renovation, as you do permanent aesthetic damage to the work.


Clean outlying areas and rooms. Sometimes, dust, debris, and fragments might escape the work area and go into other rooms.


Wipe doorknobs, windows, and the like. While the best renovation crews like the team from will do this, this is not universal. To be safe, you’ll want to do your windows and such after.

As final advice, remember that prevention is key to reducing your post-renovation workload. If you can, find ways to cut the work area off, so debris and dust don’t escape.


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