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When you do a lot of cleaning, you develop a knack for the right tools. You discover which ones work, which ones are situational, and which ones are just bad. After a while, you get a sense of which tools are the best for their respective tasks.

The same is true of me. Over the years, I have picked up on what tools work best for me. I’ve come to rely on a few key ones. They’re not complicated and are standard simple tools. I find that simple is best when cleaning and reliability are more important than features.

Here are some of the tools I use the most when cleaning.

There is the ever-reliable scrub brush. Natural-bristle brushes are the best, especially on most floors and baseboards. Having a sturdy, reliable one handy is something I do when I go on a cleaning job.

Mops are standard, and I have a favourite. I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re designed so there is a sponge at the end and a simple lever you can pull to squeeze the water out. This makes them perfect for cleaning up spills and floors. It also involves less work to dry out the mop, to boot.

Alongside the mop is the broom. No cleaning kit is complete without a good broom. Push brooms are best if you have an irregular surface that needs cleaning. If you want something that’s more all-purpose, a corn broom and a dustpan are the best combinations you’re going to find.

What cleaning supply closet would be complete without a vacuum cleaner? I’m pretty fond of the smaller, more portable ones. They’re easier to carry around if the cord is long enough, so I can get to some of the tight spots. A variety of extensions for various purposes is ideal for flexibility.

If you want a good dust cloth, you have two requirements you want to meet. You want it to be white and 100 percent cotton. Cotton is absorbent and traps dust, rather than scattering it. The fibres also do not disturb or scratch furniture, making it the ideal dust buster.

I also like to use a multicolour pack of cloths for cleaning. Be sure to designate one colour for each purpose, so you don’t get them mixed up. Pick one colour for windows, one for wood furniture, and so forth.

A good all-purpose cleaner is going to be your best friend. Don’t pick something that’s too strong, since that might cause damage to whatever you’re cleaning. Pick something that’s closer to pH neutral, but have some others handy for specific purposes.

You also want to invest in a dedicated cleaner for glass. The wrong cloth or cleaner can cause small scratches or stains that won’t go away. Plain water works well for glass cleaning, but you want something else if there are old stains.

Much like glass, you also want a cleaning fluid specifically for granite countertops if you have them. Granite is usually easy to clean, but for tougher stains or the ones that have sunk into the material, you’ll want to have something that can break it down.

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