Rain Rain go Away

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Well as many of you here in Perth would currently be experiencing it is indeed raining. This doesn’t make for good cleaning whether where the rain can simply come along and dirty everything again in an instant.

However it is not as completely useless as it seems. See if you keep on top of your cleaning, when exposed to the elements of wind and rain, whether your windows, your car or whatever it may be, the greater it has be maintained and looked after the less effect the elements will have.

This is possible because of the great surface condition. Water is much more likely to repel and not leave streaks/stains and future cleaning will allow a much more effortless requirement. If however it is not managed well and simply left to continuously face the elements.

If however it is not managed well and simply left to continuously face the elements. When it comes to cleaning, it is going to take a lot more time and effort trying to restore it back to its original state, due to the build up and sabotaging of overall condition.

Do we recommend you get out there in the pouring rain and start scrubbing? No of course not, but we do recommend you keep on top of it as you would otherwise if it were clear weather.

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Definition in Action

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So what is the definition of cleaning,

Well the definition of cleaning is: make clean; remove dirt, marks, or stains from.

Well at frags and coral we do exactly that and much more. We remove dirt from surfaces, even the ones that already look clean, from surfaces you didn’t think of, cant reach or couldn’t see.

We remove marks that you didn’t know were there and ones you thought would never be removed.

Stains are no match from us. Watch them vanish as we use our skills to whip them out the way and have them be gone. We know you dont like stains and neither do we.

When you have any cleaning needs, frags are coral are the team for the job. Redefining clean, we amaze all of our customers like all cleaners should but don’t.

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Location, Location.

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The type of clean you require can and will always be affected by your location and the conditions. Being in Perth, we indeed have good quality conditions that ensure the very most out of your clean, where something is sparky and instantly later a thunderstorm rolls in and wets everything.

Its fortunate that this doesn’t happen in Perth. However there are stil environmental factors that can play part even in Perth, especially with location. If you are by the beach for example, there is a lot of salt present within the air from the salt water and because of this, regular cleaning will be required t ensure there is no salt build up.

At times too, the beautiful sunny weather of Perth can play against you, by drying things out before they are finished. Many people would have experienced this washing their cars out in the sun and the soap drying before you are able to wash it off.

In these situations it is recommended that you best accommodate to your environment and surrounds, by fulfilling n regular maintenance, protection products and time and location of clean (clean your car in the shade).

In time, and with practice, as we know now, you will develop the knowledge that help you to achieve the best result and minimize frequency of cleaning requirements.

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Frags & Coral

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Hi and welcome to Frags and Coral. Frags and coral is a family owned and operate cleaning business based out of Perth Western Australia.

We clean the entire Perth area and surrounds from Yanchep to Mandurah, in order to satisfy as many customers as possible.

Specialising in all types of cleaning, from car cleaning, window cleaning, interior cleaning, floor cleaning and solar panel cleaning to name but a few.

By providing many different cleaning options, we know that we will best be able to accommodate to someone with some dirt that is in need to be rid of. Not only that, but a complete clean package is then able to be compiled together without the need of hiring multiple cleaners.

Being in business for 14 years, we know how to get the job done, and how to get the job done right. We never settle for less than complete customer satisfaction.

Welcome to our blog. Where we will keep our business matters up to date, and also provide assistance in how to keep your place clean.

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Hello world!

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Hello World!

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